Three OpenText Innovation Summits were held between 24 April and 28 April 2023 in Munich, Paris and London. As every year, content management experts spoke at the events. IXTENT participated in the Munich and London summits.

The Munich summit took place on 24 and 25 April 2023. The main theme was to present new ways of using information management and to reflect on how this will affect the optimization of work and collaboration in given industries.

OpenText’s CEO and CTO Mark J. Barrenechea and Product Director Muhi Majzoub both gave speeches. The most interesting speaker was Dr. Steven Boyes from National Geographic.

Ideas that resonated across all the presentations in Munich:

  • Data is the new oil
  • Standard cloudification, yet persistent on-prem solutions for some customers and industries where the cloud might not be meaningful
  • ChatGPT and AI as the new buzzwords and modern topic

The Titanium X project (or OpenText CE 2025!) was also introduced, which is characterized by the following features:

  • Unification of functionalities in on-prem vs. cloud product variants
  • All clouds will get large language models (LLM), identity and management of access to identities
  • XDR Cloud deployment (security)
  • Distributed databases
  • Testing without code
  • LLM integration into OpenText clouds

The priorities of the Titanium X project include:

  • New information management options
  • New clouds for information management – Developer Cloud, IoT cloud, XDR Cloud
  • Micro Focus Full Cloud – Off cloud, private, public/SaaS, API

The summit was beneficial not only for sharing new knowledge and information, but also for establishing new contacts and strengthening existing ones. The informal atmosphere was enhanced by the very interesting premises of Motorworld, where the Munich summit took place.