On June 21st in the evening, we set forth towards new corporate adventures at the mountain hotel in Dolní Morava in the Jeseníky Mountains. The fun began on the hired bus, as the Ixtent employee of the year was elected and the teams proposed new startups. The trip passed quickly, just a few final switchbacks and we were at the scene of events. Once the check-in shenanigans were over, we met over an evening snack and shared experiences from the journey with our colleagues from Slovakia and other branches.

The next day was devoted entirely to work. The company-wide presentations started at the break of dawn and ended in the late afternoon with a subdued audience. This year’s contributions from the individual departments were overflowing with humor and creativity, but an evaluation of the past year and strategies for the coming period were not omitted.

During the coffee break, we managed to celebrate 2 important jubilees – the company’s coming of age (18th anniversary of its foundation) and the very round birthday of one of the founders/owners of IXTENT. The bubbly flowed fast and the megalithic cakes had everybody smacking their lips… Once the work was over, it was time for the outdoor events. The location offered a vast range of activities – some colleagues played netball, some of ladies enjoyed the wellness facilities, and others took a stroll around the area… Then everybody gathered on the terrace for a barbecue. The fun continued into the late hours of the night, perhaps even the early hours of the morning… some didn’t bother sleeping at all and carried straight on through to the entertainments of the third day.

The mountain rollercoaster was a tempting pick-me-up after the evening’s haze, while the trail through the clouds soothed romantic souls. The hiking division couldn’t resist conquering Kralický Sněžník, and the cycling crew headed to the trail park. Overall, it was the perfect day to celebrate a record-breaking year. Keep it up, IXTENT!