Recent 18 months have changed a lot. What we didn’t expect were the reactions of many of our clients who called and said:

Thank you for making us digital a long time ago. In current situation, we would not be able to secure our production or we would be severely paralyzed with high economic losses.

Or another phone call from companies’ management outside the official service systems:

Please fix our document management system outside the standard protocol in these terrible pandemic times. Name any price, but we need it now…. We are vitally dependent on the DMS.

We are grateful to our clients for every thank you. That’s what drives us forward. And we also fixed everything under standard terms or as a part of goodwill. And our value friendship grows mutually.

What is the common denominator?

Responsible companies, usually strong and healthy. Their responsibility to society and business including their approach to digitalization have led them to become the market leaders. Mostly private, Czech and Slovak, but also multinational companies. They all were aware of the importance of digital documents, digital information and making it accessible within the business cycle. Not only for the internal needs of the company, but also for customers. In short, these clients were prepared for the social changes and their reaction was immediate, with zero or positive impact on production.

Not to judge others – let’s see if the shoemaker’s children go barefoot. No, they don’t. Transition to complete home office was a matter of minutes for IXTENT in a time of need. Yes, there were a few things to fine-tune. But all of the company’s vital functions have long been digitalized. This way, we have provided both people and clients with absolute flexibility of movement and the ability to work even from the other end of the world.

Response from digital customers: we want to digitalize more.

Everything that can be done, gradually. Technology is on time at work, doesn’t procrastinate, usually does not get sick, etc. We know that times are unkind. But there is sun behind every cloud and we have to keep moving forward and be ready.

What result did IXTENT achieve? Last year, the company achieved a record economic result, with digitalization being the key driver. In short, we were prepared and the result did not come by coincidence. We were successful all over Europe. Our position is getting stronger.

Let´ s ask the question: Is there anything that can´ t be digitalized?

You assume correctly that most of the things around us are already created digitally in computers, through our keyboards and systems. We just still have the desire to keep printing them and carry them on paper. Yes, the information may be internal for now, decentralized, but it will become more and more accessible in the future. Volumes of information and data grow due to increasing transaction numbers, movement of goods, people and assets. The same applies to gradual integration of systems. You certainly have or know the following areas:

  • Business documentation.
  • Medical records.
  • Building documentation.
  • Service documentation.
  • HR records.
  • Data from information systems, etc.

We are digital already!

In our everyday lives, we already routinely accept electronic air tickets, customer portals, e-wallet cards, electronic tickets and other 21st century documents. Our children can’t do thing without a screen in their hand anymore and they only look for bus timetables in an app.

Why should we convert newly created digital data into analogue form for certain – perhaps old-fashioned – consumers in a completely meaningless way or stubbornly refrain from providing/producing the digital form?

Digital or analogue?

Let’s say we succumb to the pressure of inertia of the past, take the money out of our wallets and convert the data back into analogue form for an ever-smaller group of consumers – for example, print it out on paper from our information systems. Or require paper instead of electronic exchange.

The consumer does “something” with the analogue data and it is up to us to digitize it again for the future. Usually for our hard-earned money or we pass the costs to the citizen or customer. Isn’t it getting expensive? Your feeling is right – it is!

If you look around, you will find many examples in your work and everyday life where you can imagine further digitalization. And if you think even further, you’ll find that even a new digital service can get better and better. In short, move us a step further.

Yes, digitalization is endless and we can see it even in fields where we could not have imagined it a few years ago. For example, even reproductive medicine is pushing us towards digitalization, although we would prefer to keep at least some analogue procedures.

The threat to digitalization: civil servant.

Can you help me understand why the salary of a civil servant is currently higher than that of a specialist in the private sector, while their numbers are not falling, their incomes continue to rise despite repeated promises of change? Threat! Everyone will want to be a civil servant. Already since kindergarten. That is unacceptable for me! As a cure for the “Civil Servant” disease, I suggest digitalization. Process simplification of everything that can be done. And there’s a lot to do! Result? Cleansing up the society, efficient use of the taxes collected from those who work hard to create values. If we go further in the reasoning – why do we need to pay such high taxes after the digitalization of agendas? We don’t. We can get more out of our work and life in the private sector and at the same time leave less room for corruption.

In short, where humans can be replaced by technology, let’s do it. Although the answer to whether the digitalization of the state is possible is not a straightforward one. But the correct answer is of course YES, let’s demand it. Let’s demand it hardly by showing digitalization examples from the private sector. Let’s not get discouraged by answers that it’s complicated, etc. Otherwise we will pay a high price. The good news is that the state will turn itself into a “reservation of analogue life” by its inactivity; a tsunami will then come from the overheated atmosphere of documentary agendas. Unfortunately, we just don’t know when and who will be swept away.

In conclusion: the digitalization cannot be stopped!

We are grateful for the current social changes that have accelerated the need for further digitalization. There’s no way back. It can only be supported. Digitalization, which has stood in a corner in shame for years. It’s a good time for change – push the digitalization together with us, always and everywhere. Digitalize anything you can. The digitalization is endless. IXTENT is here for you, we will be happy to advise you on how to go through the digitalization steps. With a profit!

Thank you, grateful digital clients. You are a proof of feasibility; you show the way and you are the bearers of good changes.