IXTENT is a stable company that is constantly growing and building a team of professional specialists who are not afraid to face the challenges posed by multinational corporations, work on innovative projects, and advise clients on the most optimal technological solution for them.

New members of the IXTENT team:

Enikő Csatlósová – joined as Junior Project Manager in August. She is responsible for the smooth and timely deployment of projects at customers. Prior to joining IXTENT, she worked for a number of years as a Financial Controller. Budget monitoring and risk recording are therefore Enikö’s strengths.

Bibiana Hlinková – started in September as Back Office Support and provides administrative support for the Support Department. Bibiana is a student of the University of Economics, Faculty of Informatics and Statistics.

Barbora Culková – returned to IXTENT in September after maternity leave and as the new HR Manager. She is mainly responsible for recruitment, training and development of existing employees and building the employer brand. Barbora previously worked at IXTENT as the Marketing Specialist.

Markéta Matouchová – works as the Marketing Specialist and is responsible for all marketing activities related to the promotion of IXTENT. Markéta comes from an IT distributor and has extensive experience in the field of marketing.

Anita Paluříková – the new Accounting Specialist, has joined as a replacement for Lucie Safínovová, who went on maternity leave in November. Anita will be in charge of accounting.

David Hořejší – the latest addition to the IXTENT team. He will work as the Project Manager and, like Enikö, will be responsible for the smoothest possible deployment of projects at our customers. David previously worked for a government organization and was responsible for managing information systems that handle classified information.