Interview with Libor Beneš, the IT Department Manager in Geco

How did you find out about IXTENT company? What was the first contact like?

I can remember vaguely that our first contact was in 2006. I met Mr Svoboda, one of the owners of IXTENT company, and we talked about SAP archiving as you were one of few companies (maybe the only one) who was engaged in the implementation of the Document Management Systems from OpenText.

What projects were implemented What did IXTENT company implement in Geco?

We implemented a complete HR agenda at the beginning of 2016, which includes DMS for HR scenarios, integration for SAP HR, Records Management, Contract Management – quick can and interface for SAP, the last completed project so far. This solution replaced the old Elanor system where our HR employees printed all the documents, signed them physically, scanned them on a disk without any security and integration. There is still intensive work in progress on the Records Management for HR, it has not been handed over completely yet. We are also planning to set shredding deadlines for HR documents which are only solved after an employee leaves the company.

Did you ask IXTENT to recommend all the solutions?

No, in most cases we knew beforehand that we want them.

Do you have an own product of IXTENT?

Yes, we have IXTENT Smart Document Flow, which enabled to tailor the functionalities of the actual Document Management System to our needs.

Was the transfer of GECO to a paperless company painless?

I wouldn’t say so, it was extra work, but it was worth it. .

How is Geco’s transfer to modern technologies seen by your colleagues from various departments?

The colleagues in the HR department are used to it. The financial department is also mostly paperless and satisfied, so far without the Document Management System – provisionally they save in the file system. Business trip documents and cash book are still in the paper form, but we want to change it in future as well.

Are you for innovative solutions?

Yes, as the manager of the IT department in GECO I am definitely for innovative solutions. For future, we would like to develop digitally also in other areas than HR. We are planning to transfer all the contracts into the electronic form and we would also like to roll the HR solution out to our subsidiary company in Slovakia. We want to replace the records, connect data boxes and continue with digitalisation of finances. We would like to continue along the “paperless way”, print less and spare our forests. Recently we prepared a statistic analysis how many trees can be spared from being cut down due to this and it is quite a significant figure…

What positives do they bring?

Less storage place for documents, employees’ time savings, less paper used and environment protection.

And negatives?

We depend more on the electronic devices and we have to back up the data more frequently. Due to the digital company solution, it was also necessary to introduce enhanced network security and ensure the required infrastructure. It was also necessary to invest more in licences and the required technologies. I also have to mention the education and trainings for the new paperless technologies for most of the employees. Sometimes it is hard to change old habits.

How did these software innovations contribute to more effective company processes?

The HR department has more effective tools for its work and its effectivity has increased with the introduction of the sophisticated process. Our colleagues do not have to travel to other branches or send documents by post. On the other hand, there is a new employee in the HR department who is in charge of HR electronic agenda. Another benefit of the solution is unification of the processes, contracts, document templates, stocktaking, order in all the documents and setting of clear processes that cannot be circumvented. For example, the dynamic biometric signature currently used by us is better than certificates which are charged for, require more expensive management and regular modifications.

Do you use our application or software support?

We use both and we are satisfied.

What do you think of the use of Artificial Intelligence in Geco?

It is far future for us at the moment… but we are definitely interested in this development and we are open to all the ways how to make the company processes more effective.

What would you recommend to other companies using paper solutions?

Definitely to transfer to paperless solution for their business. Our electronic HR department is more effective than ever before.

Thank you for interview.