This time we had the opportunity to enrich our knowledge and experience with the news related to the release of a new version of the xECM for SAP SuccessFactors.

The current situation around the world, where a large number of companies are switching between working in the office and working from home as needed, is creating pressure to turning the highest possible number of internal company processes to digital form.

Digitalization in the field of HR

The need for digitalization is even more important in HR and human capital management environments. Companies are used to keeping all documents relating to recruitment and also all documents relating to employment until its termination in paper form. In a better case, this only makes quick and efficient work more difficult. In a worse case, it makes work completely impossible. The modern trend is to change this!

OpenText is continuously improving this type of process and the centralized document management with its Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors (xECM for SAP SF) product.

The xECM for SAP SF product consists of two main parts:

  • On one side, there is SAP with its acquisition of SuccessFactors, a cloud-based solution covering the entire human capital management process.
  • On the other side, there is OpenText with its Document Management System (DMS).

The result is the xECM for SAP SF, which takes the best pieces of both components and integrates them to create a very robust and comprehensive solution.

With its help, various roles in the HR process, such as the employee or HR business partner, can work with unstructured content in employees’ personnel files and benefit from the advantages of both components.

What´ s new in xECM for SAP SF

Since this is exactly the type of business that IXTENT has encoded in its DNA, we dispatched several members of our SAP and OTEX team to the planned training organized by OpenText.

The three-day training took place virtually in mid-October 2021. The main focus was to acquaint the audience with the procedures required for xECM for SAP SF implementation.

The course began with an introduction to the OpenText Extended ECM Platform, a robust platform for integrating a DMS system with various business applications, and further continued with description of numerous features and capabilities specifically offered by the SAP SuccessFactors connector.

Individual parts of the implementation, such as installation, configuration and usage scenarios, were covered with practical examples in an effort to demonstrate the details in pre-made demonstration environments as much as possible.

The training was mainly aimed at consultants from the side of partners and customers. A secondary goal was to prepare graduates for the certification exam.

The whole training was conducted by Alex Csirik, OpenText’s specialist with many years of experience with various document or information systems and with almost 15 years of experience as a trainer.

Since IXTENT has a lot of experience with OpenText’s DMS system, as well as with the Extended ECM platform and the SAP SuccessFactors connector, the main motivation for the training was to absorb detailed information about the news related to the new release of the integration. Moreover, the training helped to spread the know-how about this product to a wider team of IXTENT’s consultants.