About the company

Bohemia Energy is the largest alternative supplier of electricity and gas in the Czech Republic. It supplies energy both to households and small and medium-sized enterprises. Bohemia Energy is part of the Bohemia Energy Group, which is made up of Amper Market, Comfort Energy, Europe Easy Energy, X Energy and the largest alternative energy supplier in Slovakia, Slovakia Energy. The group also includes Bohemia Energy Finance and BEplan. At present, the whole group supplies more than 1.2 million customers with electricity and gas.

Initial situation

The customer uses the OpenText Content Suite document management system (DMS), which was installed by IXTENT in 2016. The implemented DMS serves as a common storage for both internal and customer documents of all companies in the Bohemia Energy Group, including advanced categorization, document retrieval and management capabilities. Over time, there was a need to upgrade the system to version 16.2, due to the use of the latest supported version and the new capabilities that this version brings.

IXTENT solution

IXTENT successfully upgraded Content Server and Archive Server to the latest version 16.2, and also launched an enhanced version of Web Services. Installing the latest version of Content Suite 16.2 has made it possible to use the new system features and, in particular, the modern Smart View user interface. The system can be used more effectively with MS Office and offers the ability to customize screens according to specific requirements. The new version also offers access to the system via mobile devices.

Jan Šantora, team-leader of the Data and Information Unit at Bohemia Energy, commented on the upgrade: “Upgrading the DMS has given us a range of new and improved features within the OpenText applications and modifications supplied by IXTENT. The Smart View graphic interface is more attractive and pleasant for the work of our colleagues. Although the implementation in our environment was relatively demanding in terms of organization and time-consuming, I would like to highlight the commitment of IXTENT and its observance of the time schedule and the estimated budget.”