After kicking off a new fiscal year, we went to Janské Lázně in the Krkonoše Mountains. One department after another presented what they achieved over the past year, what needs to be worked on and what their plan is for the next year.
After the working part there was the team building part. It would have been a sin to be so close to the Stezka Korunami Stromů treetop walkway and not visit it … It would be just a sin to stay at the foot of Černá Hora hill and not surmount it at dawn …
In terms of profitability, 2019 was the most successful fiscal year in our history – we worked on 25 projects each day, we had more orders than we could handle. Hence, we will not be letting up in the coming year, but we are expanding our implementation team by taking on more staff to satisfy your demands for digitizing business processes as soon as possible.
We will do whatever it takes and hope that next year will be just as or even more productive than this one was. Thank you for your support. Will you also become a member of the IXTENT team?