Would you like to use the most efficient and powerful digital capture and data mining software that uses artificial intelligence? Discover OpenText Intelligent Capture …

It is a robust, independent, and universal solution for scanning and capturing data, designed to effectively support automated categorization and intelligent “machine” data mining from all types of documents.

The quality of the solution is given by the fact that it is used by many of the largest companies in the world. The solution was originally based on the OpenText CAPTIVA platform, which was expanded to include functional elements from other OpenText OCR solutions (Capture Center and Information Extraction Service), whereby creating a new, modern and universal OCR product, OpenText Intelligent Capture, which meets even the most demanding requirements.

Figure: Combination of the functionality of several OpenText OCR solutions into the OIC product

This all-in-one solution is OpenText’s “flagship” in the area of scanning and capturing data. The solution has a long tradition, has been developed and improved for over 20 years, and a team of authors has helped to shape the foundations of today’s business digitization standards (for example, ISIS Scanner Driver is the work of Captiva, now part of OpenText).

The modularity and performance of this solution allows digitization and extraction from all types of paper or electronic documents/data sources. This software platform is easily expandable, scalable, and can be integrated into company IT thanks to the standard REST API. OpenText Intelligent Capture internally uses several OCR engines to provide a platform with the best possible digital outputs.

The main benefits of OIC include:

  •  Reduces costs due to lower document preparation requirements for digitization and manual indexing
  •  Reduces costs of recreating a document due to a lost physical document
  •  Improves the quality of information in critical business processes
  •  Accelerates business processes by providing access to information and supporting documents

Other benefits of OIC include:

  •  Actively uses artificial intelligence and machine learning support (Magellan, IES).
  •  Speed, reliability of service
  •  Sensitive data under full control
  •  OIC supports multiple OCR engines to extract text from scanned content, compares results and uses the highest quality outputs

OpenText Intelligent Capture captures and processes documents from many sources including scanners, fax servers, e-mail servers, file systems, web services and REST services. The OIC is designed to process documents and export them to a target repository, such as an ECM system.

In the OIC system it is possible to set up multiple digitization processes and use them for processing various tasks within the company – one for digitizing invoices, one for ad-hoc data mining from business applications, etc. The resulting digitizing process works in the “background” on the server and the OIC server transfers I/O data between individual modules responsible for performing specific tasks.

Digitization and extraction of invoices
The solution for digitization and extraction of invoices is only one of the possible processes that can be set up on the OIC platform

The following information can be extracted from the invoice:
From the header:

  • Invoice number
  • Supplier’s Company Reg. No.
  • Supplier’s VAT number
  • Customer’s Company Reg. No.
  • Customer’s VAT number
  • Document type (invoice/credit note/…)
  • Order number
  • Original credit number for a credit note
  • Maturity date
  • Date of taxable supply
  • Variable symbol
  • Supplier’s account No.
  • Supplier’s IBAN
  • Supplier’s bank code
  • Currency code
  • Total VAT rate
  • Total VAT
  • Total amount including VAT

and the following data from the items:

  • Item number
  • Item description
  • Quantity
  • Units
  • Unit price
  • Amount without VAT
  • VAT rate

What is Intelligent Capture Designer and what is it used for?

Intelligent Capture Designer is used for configuring scanning and digitizing processes (Capture Flows). The following can be set in Intelligent Capture Designer:

  •  Types of documents for digitization and their index fields
  •   Parameters for importing documents from external sources
  •   Parameters for scanning paper documents
  •   Methods of adjusting the quality of images in the system – such as cropping, oblique scanning, black line removal, grayscale or black and white conversion, barcode identification, etc.
  •   Converting image documents to other formats (PDF, etc.)
  •   Full-page OCR parameters
  •   Parameters for exporting data to the target system (i.e. ECM storage, file system, etc.)
  •   Automatic document classification and indexing

Figure: Example of a user interface with the design of a digitization process

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