On the contrary – the transition to electronic document management saves money, time and hassle. It eases work with documents, saves human resources and simplifies the compliance with regulations, all with your existing computer expertise without having to learn anything new. Sticking to paper archives and binders is just an unnecessary and costly deferral of the problem.

…digitization frees you from complex paperwork:

Search for documents easily and in full-text in the central corporate database (all cases / files / clients / counterparties can easily be found directly from the computer or mobile phone – in their latest version,
with the entire document history (who and when created, approved and commented them) and in the required context (case, sub-case…).

Improve the company’s productivity – reduce operating costs using tools for document versioning, approval workflow, automatic document comparison.

Maintain order in documents, get rid of information fragmentation, interconnect your data, work in the user-friendly environment that you are
used to – MS Explorer, Outlook and Word.

Archive documents securely and electronically, with access only for authorized persons. An electronic archive is a fully-fledged substitute for
a paper archive, keeps smart records of data mailbox content, e-mails with attachments and physical mail.

Who we already helped:

We helped one of the largest law firms in the Czech Republic with 30 years of tradition, 70 specialist and its registered office in Prague, digitize its file archive. Employees can now easily check who worked on which document and when, and can review all the revisions. With easy document searches and linking with the Outlook, Excel and Word applications, they work
more efficiently without unnecessary delays. Other popular functions include the management of access rights to documents or their demonstrable versioning.

Our satisfied clients include…

E.ON, Aegon, O2,…and others.

With our solution, you also get:

Elimination of potential risks, option of directed communication with the counterparty,
Standardized processes, automatic operations, readiness for audit,
Reliable document storage,
Paperless work system in compliance with Czech and European legislation,
Secure document archive.

Did you know that…

  • employees spend up to 30% of their time searching for documents which are fragmented across various locations?
  • up to 92% of employees make complex searches for documents via e-mail, instead of finding them with a single click in a central repository?
  • 30–50% of corporate information cannot be easily found electronically, because it is not digitized?
  • up to 83% of employees lose time daily on versioning – they do not know whether the latest version is on the server or in their e-mail?

(Source: IDC study, Survey conducted by Harris Interactive)

Digitize and work effectively! Save time. Save money. Keep data secure.

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