About the company

NAFTA is a modern company with extensive experience in the field of building underground natural gas tanks in Slovakia and the leading company in surveying of hydrocarbon deposits.

About the joint project

Nafta a.s. has used electronic invoice settlement solution since 2014. It is a SharePoint application where the workflow is defined in the NINTEX Workflow tool intended for the electronic document preparation and approval. The technological solution was implemented by IXTENT company. A recent upgrade has brought a software update of the solution for SharePoint Server 2016 Enterprise and Nintex Workflow 2016 (from the previous versions 2010). This implementation included migration of the existing data to a new server.

Automated solution benefits

The received invoices are scanned and saved in the Microsoft SharePoint system. Then they only circulate in the electronic form and thanks to that it is always clear where and at which stage of processing the invoice is. According to the invoice type and predefined conditions, the system automatically controls the approval process. It determines the approver, sends reminders and monitors deadlines. When all the accounting data have been approved and entered, the process is completed by entering the invoice in the SAP company system.

What is Workflow? Workflow is a work procedure defining and controlling the flow of company processes.

What is SharePoint? An application platform by Microsoft for the content management, information sharing and creation of applications.

What is NINTEX? A software tool for easier workflow definition in the SharePoint system.