An international biotechnology company specializing in research and development of new anticancer drugs has approached IXTENT with a project to maximize the automation and efficiency of its processes.

The objective of the required solution was to: 1) eliminate outsourcing of logistics processes, centralize important documents, unify the appearance of internal systems for different user categories (hospitals, doctors, leukapheresis centers, the customer itself); 2) implement a decision-making support system for production planning (automate it, eliminate possible errors); 3) Reporting for cost optimization; 4) Records and management (of hospitals, doctors, leukapheresis centers, manufactured preparations); 5) Patient registration; 6) Planning with regard to the possibilities of individual participants in the whole process (examinations, sampling, transports, production); 7) Connection to external systems.

IXTENT has designed a parameterizable solution based on SharePoint 2010 platform. It enables easy configuration of variables and limits, as well as customizable forms and workflows. A Document Management System has also been implemented, which included controlled access to documents based on individual authorizations, an audit and history system, as well as long-term archiving in accordance with legislation. A suitable workflow and forms technology were used to automate logistic processes, including a system of notifications and escalations.

The best technical choice for this implementation were the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and OpenText archiving server platforms. Nintex workflow improves standard workflows for MS SharePoint as it has a more user-friendly graphical interface and system administrators can easily modify individual workflows, thus reducing the implementation costs.

The client is very satisfied with the solution, it continues with its development and manages more and more agendas electronically.