IXTENT has introduced an internal project management standard according to PRINCE2 principles, and a central risk register that all IXTENT project managers are certified under.

Since last year, IXTENT has been modifying its internal project management standards according to PRINCE2 principles. PRINCE2 is a project management standard originally developed by the UK government for managing IT projects, but it is now being used beyond IT as well. The main reason was the management’s desire to control the company’s important and strategic projects, to improve the process of learning from its own experience and to focus on the real benefits of the solution for the client.

In addition to the fact that we have implemented the standard, all project managers in the company also have certified knowledge of it. The implementation included the introduction of a central risk register. Thanks to this, the company’s top management is informed in real time about the status of significant project and non-project risks and the measures taken.