Invoices and other
financial documents

Who is it suitable for?

Is your company flooded with incoming invoices that must be manually re-entered into the ERP system, checked, approved manually and then archived in paper format? There is a better way.

  • Scanning,

    automated data mining and exception checking

  • Electronic circulation

    of invoices (workflow)

  • Timely approval and payment

    of invoices

  • Access

    to invoices from linked systems

  • Electronic archiving of invoices

    in accordance with legislation

  • Financial reports from the ERP

    can even be stored retroactively

The main advantages and functions of our solutions

We implement proven solutions to support all document-related processes required for processing of financial and associated documents (supplier invoices, outgoing invoices, etc.) with links to an ERP, such as SAP. Our typical projects include digitization, automated data mining from invoices with links to data in ERP (orders, delivery notes, etc.), approval of financial documents in form of workflow, document and data archiving of invoices and financial reports. We have successfully implemented hundreds of projects.


Efficient Electronic Workflow for Invoice Liquidation

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