Management, monitoring, and archiving of e-mail servers

E-mail currently represents one of the most significant communication tools and contains more and more important commercial information. Volumes of information and files on mail servers and local PC drives continue to grow and become a serious problem. Without sophisticated tools, mail servers completely lose control over their content. Each must deal with the issue of how to store such information securely in a long-term perspective while having it permanently under control, quickly and efficiently accessible and retrievable. All this in relation to the legislative regulations which consider the e-mail communication to be the standard business documentation with all legal consequences.

The solution can be found only with automated classification (sorting) of messages that enables the company to identify, separate, and move the relevant contents into the archiving repository. Archived messages remain accessible in controlled way (based on relevant authorization).

E-mail Management and its automatic and interactive functions enable both users and company management to retroactively document individual activities. The set of functionalities includes the possibility to define, secure, and check the processes in which the e-mail contents should be strictly managed, stored, or destroyed in controlled way (electronic shredding).

The E-mail Management solution by IXTENT provides: