Intelligent Character Recognition - OCR/ ICR Technologies

Electronic character recognition is a highly efficient method of increasing the utility value of scanning. The OCR/ICR technologies can be used primarily for extracting information from input paper documents and for subsequent transfer of predefined information into electronic systems (such as automatic recognition and posting of received invoices into an accounting system/ERP).

An Efficient Way to Obtain True Data

The most popular method is the use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for character-by-character recognition of the entire text. OCR is used for printed text extraction, subsequent text analysis, and transfer of recognized characters to relevant encoding. Extension by ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) provides the additional possibility of handwritten text extraction.

Text recognition through scanning in combination with incoming document archiving represents an ideal basis for subsequent processing, such as with an enterprise ERP system or an ECM solution like - Document Management System - sorting, approval workflow, information management based on employee authorizations, full-text search, and archiving.

OCR/ICR is a technically demanding solution requiring special software products. There are only a few companies and products worldwide offering the high recognition success rate necessary for efficient processing of invoices or form data. IXTENT cooperates with the world’s leading suppliers in data extraction: OpenText, Kofax, ReadSoft, and Abbyy.