Document Management and Sharing

Do your employees have to cope with vast volumes of documents that are stored haphazardly on users’ computers or shared server folders? Is the information inaccessible or is it difficult to manage access rights efficiently? Is it time-consuming to search for information contained in the documents? Is it almost impossible to share current document versions with multiple colleagues? Do you need to increase the efficiency of your processes? The right information at right time means a significant competitive advantage that can contribute to further development of your company and support its economic growth and prosperity. Discover our Document Management System (DMS) - a tool for managing unstructured information and data.

Documents are a part of every area of a company’s operations

The most common types of documents that need to be processed are:

Efficient Administration, Sharing, and Workflow of Documents

The basic principle of the Document Management System is the efficient management of any documents or information (electronic files, scanned documents, voice recordings, videos, e-mail communication, etc.), to provide the environment for managing all additional information (such as search attributes or links to other documents), and to provide users with functions for working with documents.

The Document Management System provides the following functionalities:

Legislation places increasing demands on companies and organizations as regards the management of all data and documents relating to their business. Company operations must be transparent and retroactively demonstrable in the long term. Such goals can be achieved only through the secure preservation of all relevant data and documents within a DMS.