Document Digitization

Digitization of paper documents (also called scanning) optimizes and considerably increases the efficiency of working with them. Documents converted into electronic form can be archived, retrieved, and shared with other users easily, safely, and at minimum cost. Working with electronic documents takes place in the Document Management System application which permits further processing of the documents via a number of advanced functions.

More Than Accurate Image

Document scanning can be extended by electronic character recognition (OCR/ ICR), which converts scanned information into editable text form. More advanced OCR / ICR technologies enable extracting of certain data for subsequent automatic processing, such as automatic recognition and posting of received invoices into the accounting system / ERP.

Efficient Data Archiving

Each scanned document can be provided with a qualified timestamp or electronic or biometric signature, which allows the original paper document to be shredded immediately after scanning, thus saving archive space and costs of paper documents management.

Scanning can be advantageously extended by using a barcode that can be used for easier separation of documents, sorted storage in the electronic archive by document category and type, launching various automated tasks, and more.

IXTENT tailors all systems and services to the customer’s needs so that the result meets their highest expectations – faster and easier processing of large volumes of paper documents, reduced manual processing, data extraction from source documents, direct data management, linkage to other enterprise systems, and more. A suitable software solution is based on the estimated volume of scanned documents and on the need for data extraction from the input documents.