Contract management

Who is it suitable for?

Want to have contract documentation under control, easy to find, accessible, and securely stored while systemically monitoring everything needed so nothing is forgotten and everything takes place according to agreed procedures?

  • View of contractual documents

    in the desired context

  • Automated tracking of terms

    and all essentials of contracts

  • Approval and commenting process

    under control

  • Securing

    against degradation, loss and unauthorized access

  • Standardization

    of contractual documentation and procedures

  • Cost savings

    associated with paper archives

  • Acceleration

    of the entire related process

The main advantages and functions of our solutions

Contracts are one of the most important document types that companies manage. Their creation is quite difficult in itself, a process during which versioning and audit trail of changes are used; after the contract is signed, its unchangeable preservation must be preserved while making it easy to access by all who need to work with it. On the other hand, in case of contracts with sensitive data, special care must be taken to ensure that no unauthorized person can access them. Another required feature is notification about deadlines that are essential for the particular contract (termination notice periods, renewal, validity, etc.). Our consultants will help you with all this when deploying the Contract Management solution.


Centralized Document Management and Business Process Management System

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