Content and Document Archiving

Is your ERP, production or enterprise file system filled with data and documents to the extent that their loss would seriously impair company operations? Are the systems’ response time and data backup duration becoming longer and longer? Do you need to archive to comply with legal or other regulations that specify the time for data and documents storage? IXTENT’s solution will provide the entire company with an electronic repository that complies with legislative requirements for electronic archiving.

Managed information storage away from production systems

Content archiving to an archive server represents a secure, scalable, and integrated solution for storage of all electronic data and documents (including archived data from ERP systems, e-mail servers, etc.). Access to such archived items within the high-capacity repository is managed by the archive server itself. The storage is transparent, both data and documents are stored in unalterable form. Retrieval and interconnection with production systems can be provided depending on the specific needs of the particular customer.

Archive Server Characteristics:

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