Document and Information Management, Sharing and Workflow

The volume of data, information, and documents continues to grow in every company. Organizations must respond to their customers’ need more quickly, which requires that greater volumes of information must be processed in a much shorter time (with emphasis on processing automation). Information that is current today may or may not be current tomorrow. Teamwork and document/information sharing are the cornerstones of each efficiently functioning company and organization.

We help companies achieve their strategic goals

IXTENT’s solutions for management, sharing, and workflow of documents and information (Enterprise Content Management - ECM) help organizations increase their employees’ productivity and efficiency, and by extension, to achieve their defined strategic goals. Enterprise Content Management creates a set of integrated services that can be fully interconnected both mutually and “externally” with other IT systems.

Information content centralization plays an integral role in the integration of ECM and external IT systems, as it prevents the occurrence of duplicities and simplifies content securing, management, and sharing. Companies can thus utilize all available information and maintain their company know-how at the same time.

IXTENT provides solutions and services in the following areas: