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Are you concerned about the high administrative costs associated with manually rekeying data from documents, validating, checking, approving and processing it slowly? Try it another way, digitally.

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Complex accounts payable data mining solution for whole European region


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Vít Svoboda

Managing Director

All professions of the company's life cycle are necessary for success, nothing should be neglected. Details are important. Details set you apart. Detail wins. Personally, I stick to a few rules: If you want to do something, do it. Always go further and do more. Distinguish yourself. If there is a queue somewhere, create your own.

The main advantages and functions of our solutions

We implement solutions for digitization, data capturing (OpenText software, KOFAX, original ReadSoft platforms) with a unique degree of automation of mining, validation and checks thanks to unique AI algorithms, machine learning and native connection to ERP, such as SAP. It can be an “all in one” solution or specialized OCR solutions (supplier invoices, orders, HR materials, documents, forms, etc.), or solutions for intelligent electronic input forms for data collection, validation and automated processing. 

An alternative is the IXTENT’s turnkey document digitization service. If you do not want to build your own digitization workplace, you can alternatively utilize our turn-key IXTENT document digitization service: a comprehensive service (transport, storage, digitization, machine mining, storage, monitoring and shredding of documents). 

Supply of scanners with the best price / performance ratio on the market, including scanning programs. 

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