Business Process Management

A business process consists of an organization’s people, information content, and applications. Increased productivity and the value of cooperation of the entire chain can be improved only if these three elements work together within an integrated environment. The general goal of process management is to optimize processes so that the company can respond to dynamic changes on the market and the customers’ needs. Business Process Management (BPM) offers tools for management, optimization, automation, and transparency of both enterprise and customer processes. If this goal is achieved through the use of software, the resulting effect is strongly positive and the benefits are maximized.

BPM is a complex tool for management and administration of internal and business processes for the entire period of their lifecycle

Typical business cases for BPM implementation include the processes relating to the handling of invoices, business trip / vacation requests, preparation and approval of quotations, contracts, or complex business processes such as liquidation of insurance events or bank loan approval, etc. Generally speaking, each organization has its own specific key processes. Prerequisites for productiveness and efficiency of processes are fulfilled if people, company applications, and information content work in mutual harmony.

IXTENT Business Process Management provides: