The IXTENT company, the leading independent supplier of solutions for ECM (Enterprise Content Management) in Central and Eastern Europe, today announced that it will be supplying the system for processing financial documents for the Brno’s technical university (VUT). The solution will be based on the technology of the Open Text Livelink Enterprise Archive Server and will include integration into the SAP system.

With this solution, VUT will get a quality system which allows all historical financial documentation to be archived, transferred to electronic format and linked with the SAP system. Thanks to the separate archiving of documents, the SAP system database will be lighter and therefore its speed increased. The overall solution is designed in such a way that in the future it allows the simple addition of new functions and modules.

“The documenting system and archive is a necessary medium for future workflow introduction. We have chosen gradual implementation of individual parts of the overall extensive project of computerisation of document flow, in order to be fully prepared and best respond to the university’s processes. The objective is then to launch an electronic registry. The IXTENT company also has sufficient potential to introduce the documenting system in connection with electronic signatures and time stamps – in our case it is in the SAP economic information system”, said Milan Smejkal, the head of VUT Brno’s department of economic systems.

Brno University of Technology is the oldest university in Brno, Czech Republic. Its origins go back to the mid 19th century, to 1849, when the German-Czech Technical College was founded. Currently, it is the only technological university to cover the full spectrum of technical sciences and a range of artistic disciplines.

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