IXTENT Slovakia became a supplier of DMS of internal documents for SkyToll, as. SkyToll will operate an electronic toll collection in the Slovak Republic.

SkyToll sees as one of the key success factors of electronic toll collection project to build a robust business solution for processing all types of documents during their lifecycle, ensuring the cooperation of users in project teams, including the archiving of meeting the legislative conditions.

“Managing large amounts of data and documents for electronic toll collection requires the implementation of a reliable, proven and flexible solutions,” said Vít Svoboda, Managing Director of IXTENT. “We are therefore pleased that the company chose SkyToll just solution based on technology, Open Text Livelink ECM Suite. We believe that through it will SkyToll solution fully compliant. “

Document Management Solutions for supply SkyToll IXTENT Slovakia s.r.o. – a subsidiary of specialist suppliers of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) Company IXTENT, using technology, Livelink ECM Suite Open Text Corporation. Open Text is the world’s largest independent provider of enterprise data management.

For more information contact:

Petr Nemecek
Marketing Manager
+420 721 456 924
petr.nemecek @ ixtent.com