About the customer

SMAS Sintra

SMAS Sintra company provides the public service of water supplies and discharge of municipal waste water within the scope of environmental sustainability.

IXTENT company was contacted by its Portuguese partner IXOPEN that was looking for an experienced OpenText consultant who would control the transfer of the state waterworks company to the newest software version for the company content management

IXOPEN is a partner of OpenText for the region of Portugal, Angola and Mozambique and it offers and implements products for company information management.

Initial situation

Before the Portugal-Czech Republic cooperation was commenced, the waterworks had been using:

  • Content Suite of version 9.7.1,
  • old Archive Server,
  • Enterprise Scan,
  • integration for SAP,
  • electronic supplier invoice management
  • Imaging Viewer for displaying invoices from SAP.

The customer of the state waterworks SMAS Sintra is a citizen who requires a service of drinking water supply and sewerage discharge. However, the citizen does not enter the upgraded solution directly, their requirements get to the system through the employees of the waterworks. The customer receives a number, asks an employee of the waterworks to establish a contract for water supplies. The employee will scan the contract in the system where it is saved/archived. Then the approval process is commenced in the organisation – through the corresponding workflow.

The contract circulates electronically in the relevant departments:

  • contract departments,
  • financial department checking the payments,
  • accounting department etc.

All this in the paperless way.

New solution benefits

Installation of the latest version of Content Suite 16.2 enabled faster work for the users. Within the scope of indexation, the employees can search faster in the system and the system can be used with new MS Office and OSWindows. The employees can also access the system through all the mobile devices (Smart UI).

Within the scope of the latest software version, the waterworks also use some technological options for GDPR solutions. They classify documents according to their types. The outputs from the internal meetings are signed with electronic signatures which is interconnected with the chip-protected Portuguese ID card.

Interesting facts

The system of Portuguese waterworks includes millions of documents.
Internally, it is used by hundreds of users.

The software is integrated to the Portuguese geographic system (land register), it shows for the employee the building which the end customer/citizen wants to have connected to drinking water or waste water sewerage.

Project duration

The project started with the request made in winter 2017, it took less than one year, and the official handover was at the beginning of August 2018. The implementation was smooth. IXTENT company is currently preparing another increase of the process efficiency inside SMAS Sintra using the current tool for the company content management.