About company

EvoBus is the biggest European branch of the Daimler AG concern. With its brands Mercedes-Benz, Setra, OMNIplus and BusStore it provides a wide range of services in the European market with buses. As part of the Daimler Buses division, it is the biggest European manufacturer of buses and one of the biggest producers globally.

Initial situation

The customer has been administering company processes in the OpenText Content Suite platform since 2011. They use the Claim management tool for managing the claims in the company and the Contract management tool for work with contracts.

Using the IXTENT extension – the ISDS connector – they administer the data box access (the connector represents a comprehensive solution for receiving, sending and administration of the messages in data boxes and their integration with the company information system regardless its type, the organisation has full control of the messages from data boxes and there is no danger of delay when handling the messages).

The client also archives delivery notes, incoming invoices, orders, contracts and other documents using the Archive Center service, imports documents through the file system, uses the Enterprise scan and the OpenText Directory Services platform ensuring the user account administration.

In production halls, they use a mobile application from the IXTENT company for measuring the bath environment. The Prototube web application enables transferring the values measured in phosphate baths through a tablet to the workflow for approval by the responsible employee, informs about occurrence of values above or below the limit and is able to initiate a corrective measure – sending the task to other production employees so that they could add some substances thanks to which the parameters would become standard. When the measuring is finished, the application will prepare a PDF measuring result record which is archived in the current DMS.

EvoBus uses the Document Pipelines which mediate the scanned images for the OCR solution and enable archiving of the obtained data and transfer of the gained data to the ERP system.
All the customisations were implemented through the IXTENT Smart Document Flow product which is an extension of the actual Document Management System.

IXTENT solution – the upgrade benefits

The project, which was put in operation mid-November 2018, lasted 83 days. The upgrade enabled the customer to use the added value of the latest software version. A new feature available for EvoBus is the Tempo box which simplifies their work in the area of content administration and enables the users to synchronise, share and store information among all the devices they use without compromising the safety of the records and security required by the internal regulations and industrial standards of the organisation.

Other benefits of the system upgrade include the Content Suite Mobile feature which is a mobile access to the Document Management System through any device.

The Open Text product was then optimized for the customer. One of the additionally developed solutions was a PDF signer for electronic signing of PDF documents.

From the new features, we can also mention the About script modules which can run workflow of several objects at a time (so-called “batch workflow”) and the “time stamp check” function for checking time stamps.

The important upgrade benefits also include the architecture extension by the frontend and backend, which has speeded up the whole system. The new system version also enabled EvoBus to improve the functions for reporting optimisation. For future, the client is planning to increase the number of licences.