Client’s baseline situation

The agency is a long-term user of OpenText software and a client of the Austrian branch of this supplier. Over time, it emerged that the client requires a more rapid supply of new solutions; therefore, it turned to the only long-term OpenText gold partner in the CEE region and reached out to IXTENT to enquire about a solution for incoming correspondence.

Project challenges

The client already had a solution for electronic correspondence. This was an internally developed tool, but it did not meet the high demands of the agency. The problem was also that the data for processing were found disorganized in many databases, and the tool was slow and very labor intensive.

With the exchange/professionalization of the system, the client wanted to add automated extraction functions (using an optical character recognition tool), this solution also offered the possibility to automate the importing of document previews into a DMS (document management system), the ability to search documents through search reports and many other benefits.

About the IXTENT solution

IXTENT replaced the client’s own development with a professional tool from OpenText, imitated the previously used mask, implemented an OCC system for automatic data mining connected directly to a DMS, deployed functionality of the Records Management product (for solving the lifecycle of documents), an archive (for setting document storage rules), and an OTDS (OpenText Directory Services) – for secure administration of user accounts. Now, only a very small amount of automatically unmined data for manual processing remains for employees of the client. The agency will make large daily savings on human work, which can be used to do other tasks. Overall, it is about accelerating the administration of secure correspondence and the related orderliness of the organization’s documents.

The project lasted about a year and a half and has been in production since July 2019.

I greatly appreciate the experience gained from the implementation of the project with the client, it is an organization that handles data security more intensively than elsewhere. Standardly accessible software components are deactivated, and everything must be requested separately. The system is set up in an on-line mode, where, step-by-step, an IXTENT employee leads an internal employee of the client working from the agency’s secure computer due to the policy of a high level of security within the organization.

Lukáš Fiala, Head of the SAP Team at IXTENT

Work for the international agency was a remarkable project. which extended our know-how with the experience of implementing it in a very high standard of security. The project was performed out for the department of correspondence processing, which has higher security requirements than we have encountered with other clients.

Krystof Kocot, Project Manager at IXTENT

Benefit of the IXTENT solution

The client uses a standardized automated tool from OpenText, which has professional service from the side of both the manufacturer and the implementer. It has helped to streamline and standardize its internal processes, optimize work, speed up searches in the system through search reports, and save on human resources. The organization now takes advantage of a maximum level of automation.

An employee of the agency evaluated the collaboration with IXTENT as follows: 

Whoever knows the current IT ecosystem in the agency: security requirements, complicated workflows to address business needs in each department, integration with other systems, and some employees’ emotional attachment to file codes, can say with confidence that the new solution now offers a state-of-the-art automated process and relies on innovative technologies. These two years have been a fun collaboration and a steep learning curve for us all. On behalf of the agency, I would like to thank IXTENT for their unassuming attitude and professional contribution. We will miss this project and you too!

However, this successfully completed project does not mean an end to the collaboration between IXTENT and the client, other areas of administration for the digitization of enterprise content are currently under discussion.