IXTENT provides ŠKODA AUTO with technical support for both the OpenText and the Readsoft technologies. The main goal of the service is to ensure smooth and stable operation of the whole solution.

The cooperation has lasted since 2012 when IXTENT successfully implemented an upgrade of the existing products and the OpenText environment. In 2014, IXTENT also replaced the original supplier of support for the Readsoft environment.

The Client

Škoda Auto is a member of the German Volkswagen Group. It operates three production plants in the Czech Republic, employing approximately 30,000 people. It also has production plants in China, Russia, Slovakia and India, run mostly through partnerships within the group, and further in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, where it cooperates with local partners. In 2016, Škoda Auto supplied 1,127,700 cars globally – this was the third consecutive year in which it produced over a million of cars.

The Solution

IXTENT has provided support for the OpenText technologies since 2012. The thriving cooperation started with a successful upgrade of the existing environment and continues to this day in the form of solution support.

IXTENT experts check the operation of the application regularly and proactively search for any signs of instability or non-standard behaviour of the application. They flexibly respond to any requests by the client or the supervisory system, including modification requests and requests for change optimisation analyses. In order to ensure smooth operation of the application, maintenance is performed on a regular basis in order to prevent system crashes.

We also have one consultant reserved exclusively for administration of ŠKODA AUTO’s OpenText environment. He is responsible for analysing the possibilities of future development of the environment and its customisation.

Since 2013, IXTENT has also provided the same form of support for ReadSoft technologies (Kofax today). This is a solution offering complex processing of invoices, from receipt of invoices in hard copy form to their recording in the ERP system. In terms of numbers, approximately 400,000 invoices of ŠKODA AUTO are processed with the solution annually. Being used to such a large extent much, it is critical that the software should operate flawlessly.

Administered products:

  • OpenText Enterprise Scan – A tool for digitalisation of received invoices and their sorting according to the bar codes.
  • Kofax VRS – This solution ensures optimisation of the obtained scans and image quality.
  • OpenText Document pipeline – Pipelines are used to provide scanned images for an OCR solution, they ensure archiving of the data obtained and transfer of the mined data to the ERP system.
  • Readsoft Invoices – The product is designed for data mining from received invoices.
  • OpenText Archive server – Solution for safe data archiving.

List of services provided by IXTENT to ŠKODA AUTO a.s.:

  • Upgrade of all components to the minimum version supported by the provider
  • Migration of archived data between branches
  • Expansion of the invoice management solution to Volkswagen AG subsidiaries
  • Training of end users, technical training of administrators
  • Complex application support for the solutions

Basic application support services for OpenText:

  • Everyday checks of the environment in order to detect potential risks and avoid bugs and system crashes
  • Monthly archiving report
  • Support for communication between the archive and the storage
  • Support for availability through a Helpdesk/Hotline
  • Guarantee of the agreed response times
  • Priority services, guaranteed availability of experienced professionals familiar with the client’s specific application solution
    and simplified ordering of any services necessary
  • Maintaining the relationship with the provider of the application solution and knowledge of the specific system settings, which significantly increases efficiency in case of any future modifications.

The following activities have been performed in the framework of independent projects for ŠKODA AUTO a.s. and VW Group:

  • Design, installation and support for the archiving system by OpenText for the whole VW Group
  • Upgrade of the solution from version 10.1.1 to 10.5 for ŠKODA AUTO
  • Backup of documents at a secondary storage for ŠKODA AUTO
  • Migration of documents between the databases for both environments
  • Analysis and resolution of issues related to automated treatment and archiving of documents (DP) for ŠKODA AUTO


The IXTENT application support provides maximum control of the administrated environment, aims to prevent issues and system outages and minimises reduced performance. Suitable experts are reserved for the client. They respond to any requests as to the development or modification of the environment within set time limits. The administered solution is thus fully functional within the parameters determined by the client.