Prior to 1 January 1997, the predecessor of the company provided telecommunication, postal, banking and other services in the Republic of Macedonia under the name of PTT Macedonia. In March 1998, the Company was registered as a joint stock company in state ownership for the purpose of its preparation for privatization. On 15 January 2000, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Consortium led by the Hungarian telecommunication operator MATAV signed a contract for the sale and purchase of shares in MT, whereby MATAV entered the book of shares of MT as an owner of 51% of the shares, thus becoming a dominant owner of the company. Formerly known as MATAV, today it is called Magyar Telekom Group and is part of the international Deutsche Telekom Group.

The new era of the company’s development starts in May 2008 with the arrival of the ultra-recognizable global T brand.

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