Alliance Health Care, which covers 80% of the global medicine market, decided to upgrade its way of recording, processing and forwarding invoices. This innovation was implemented by IXTENT, a trusted partner for the implementation of solutions built on the OpenText Vendor Invoice Management platform.


To implement automated incoming invoice processing, it was necessary to add the OpenText options to the client’s ordinary SAP. IXTENT, the only gold partner of OpenText in the CEE region and a SAP partner, was chosen as a subcontractor to provide this solution, which was actually part of a more extensive project of re-implementation of SAP, coordinated by the system integrator, the Polish BCC Group.

IXTENT has already implemented Vendor Invoice Management (a system of electronic management of supplier invoices) in Alliance Health Care group and provides support to it, which involves a whole range of activities from setting up a complex invoice workflow in SAP (invoice processing within the company), installation of software for data mining from the invoices through network scanners and set-up of archiving of documents in SAP. After the implementation of the new solution, SAP pays invoices based on a code – automatically up to a certain amount. The IBAN code, tax code selection, invoice type and other features are also set automatically for the invoices.

The pilot project of invoice management took place in the Dutch division of the company in two stages:

  • the analytical stage started in May 2015 and was concluded a year later,
  • the implementation was carried out from June 2016 to August 2017.

Plans are now underway to roll out of this project to other countries as well – Spain, Norway etc. IXTENT continues to provide application support to this project, unique as to its scope.