About the customer

Saneca Pharma is a leading organization focused on the development and contractual production of pharmaceuticals. It is a recognized specialist in the development and manufacture of active substances – finished liquids, semi-solid and solid forms of medicine. It is the largest pharmaceutical company in Slovakia with more than 600 employees. It offers a wide range of technologies and expertise.

IXTENT’s solution

Saneca Pharma, a longtime client of IXTENT, approached its software solution supplier with a requirement to upgrade their archive server to the latest version. The project started in January when employees from IXTENT analyzed the client’s situation, and a successful upgrade of the OpenText archiving server for SAP from version 9.7 to version 16.2 took place during March. Along with this operation, Enterprise Scan and Windows Viewer were also updated. The upgrading took place as planned and without any collisions.

What is the Enterprise Scan tool intended for?

OpenText ™ Imaging Enterprise Scan is the perfect IT solution for organizations that want to use the business value of converting paper documents to an electronic format. Automating the whole process – capturing and storing data from scanners, faxes, e-mails, and other resources – helps businesses:

  • speed up and automate their business processes;
  • reduce physical storage requirements;
  • apply the principles of record management and other business rules;
  • easily find and share documents.

What is the Windows viewer tool intended for?

It allows:

  • scrolling, rotating, and zooming in with an easy-to-use preview of the pages of the document;
  • attaching notes to documents that are automatically labeled with the current date, time, and user name;
  • adding, editing and displaying notes, including drawing elements such as arrows, rows, tags, check marks, and text elements;
  • using the possibility of overlapping f forms to display the documents together in the original form in which they were printed;
  • printing or locally storing documents with automatic document rendering;
  • making free text calls in documents such as ASCII, ALF (Advanced List Format), and Output Text Format (OTF) documents.
  • supporting ASCII, ALF, OTF, TIFF / FAX, and JPEG formats. PDF documents are supported in Web Viewer and Windows Viewer