The IRD Application has significantly accelerated the process of preparing new internal guidelines and procedures and reduced the time required for commenting and approval. At the same time, it has reduced the CO2 footprint by saving paper and postal services as the entire process is electronic.

Michal Piecka, Head of Integration and BPM, Západoslovenská distribuční, a.s.

Slovakia with headquarters in Bratislava. The main business of the ZSE Group is the sale of electricity and gas and the distribution of electricity to end customers. Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. is a company with a hundred-year history.

Description of the Situation

The original IRD Application did not allow for documents creation or a controlled commenting process. This was the responsibility of the author outside the application and the document had to be physically signed by all commenters. The application only allowed one way of viewing the documents, which was considered to be insufficient. 

The basic requirements of the ZSE Group for the application/IT system concerned the creation and registration of documents and the management of the internal management documents commenting process. Publication of an approved document to all employees and distribution of notifications about document publication and its availability to all staff. The solution should also include an archive of expired documents with reporting capabilities. The purpose of the new application is also to display valid documents according to various filters, e.g. by author or publication date.

Solution for documentation management

All procedures, based on which the individual Workflows were prepared, were specified within the framework of the solution for the customer. The process of documents preparation, subsequent commenting, approval, and finally the publication of documents including distribution of relevant notifications has been fully automated. The new solution also provided a relevant new look with search and filtering options for documents.

Domovská obrazovka pre správcov dokumentácie vnútornej kontroly.
Home screen for the internal control documentation administrator.
Domovská obrazovka IRD pre bežného používateľa.
Home screen for the standard user.

The solution delivery also included a complete migration of all original documents to the new solution, which meant considerable effort in preparing the documents, their correct labeling, creating registers, and gradual migration, which was repeated and debugged several times to make sure that everything went well. The documents were migrated to the so-called Archive (special folders).

Náhľad do archívu z pohľadu správcu IRD.
Archive preview from the IRD administrator’s perspective.


IXTENT together with the customer has successfully replaced the original simple application for internal documentation management with a completely new system that covers the complete document life cycle from its creation, commenting, approval all the way to final publication. As a result, the customer was able to completely eliminate the paper process and all documents were converted into electronic format.