Several weeks ago, TOS VARNSDORF a.s. accepted the first phase of planned digitalization of company processes in the new DMS. It included the introduction of a new DMS (OpenText) and the modernization of the business case agenda, which was aimed to unify routine activities related to each business case across the company. TOS VARNSDORF is a successful Czech company specializing in the production of horizontal milling and boring machines and machining centres. It was founded in 1903 and today it operates in all corners of the world.

Although the customer had already performed most of their processes electronically, the company has reached a stage where the working methods used were inefficient and required an upgrade. This gave the client an opportunity to think about how to do things better and how to optimize their processes using a new platform. In the first phase, the main focus therefore was on the key users from the sales department. As a result, they got a modern solution that centralized all relevant business case documents in one place. At the same time, DMS was integrated with the ERP system, from which it draws some basic information regarding individual business cases.

After completing the first phase, we continued smoothly with the second phase – the service case agenda. We are currently about halfway through the project. The aim of the project is to simplify the work of service technicians in the field, among other things to provide them with access to the documents of a specific business case and enable them to conveniently enter and attach newly created documents relating to service intervention.

The fact that the project turned out to be success is due to the excellent communication and trust of the teams led by Lukáš Hronek (IXT) and Petr Záklasník (TOS). Trust is extremely important when implementing multi-phase projects. It should be noted that 98 % of all activities took place remotely, and this was the first joint project. We appreciate the cooperation all the more and look forward to further joint activities.