What is IXTENT Smart Document Flow?

An unrivaled product from Ixtent, which acts as an interface between DMS (OpenText Content Suite) and information inputs. The DMS interface itself is insufficient for a number of companies, so Ixtent has developed its own component inspired by the needs of customers. Smart Document Flow offers useful, extensively configurable extension features, which are beyond the possibilities of DMS alone. And what are they?

Main benefits:

  • GDPR: setting Records Management classifications (defining document deletion rules); allows logical and physical deletion of documents; allows permissions to be set for individual groups of documents or users by type; allows the input and output of the data to be limited based on selection
  • Allows resolution of conflicts in filenames
  • Allows timestamps to be applied to documents (the timestamps are applied to documents where it is necessary to state that they come from a particular system and no one has changed them for a specified period of time)
  • Allows electronic signing of documents
  • It is extensible using add-ons (the customer can connect any of their software)
  • Performs a VIRUS scan on input, connects to the company’s antivirus software

The solution also allows:

  • Business logic when working with documents (document placement in the system, calculating metadata
    values, assigning categories, using document types – DMS does not have a document typology)
  • Data validation (validates input data), the application can reject irrelevant documents to ensure correct /
    traceable data, SDF also says what is wrong with data (DMS does not)
  • Allows client customization (insertion of other types of documents on input)
  • System optimization approach (balancing system load through distribution through the available resources)


Demonstration of the environment: