Data mailboxes significantly change the way companies communicate with state authorities and other legal entities. However, the data mailbox only ensures that the document is delivered to the particular legal entity and does not perform any subsequent tasks relating to distribution of the particular document to the particular recipient within the organization, its secure preservation, or archiving. A data message stored in a legal entity’s data mailbox is deleted after three months unless it is archived or converted into paper form.

Process automation with the ISDS Connector

The Data Mailbox Connector from IXTENT company is a comprehensive solution for receiving, sending, and managing messages in data mailboxes, as well as integrating them into enterprise information systems of all types. You thus gain full control over data messages and there is no risk that their processing will be delayed.

IXTENT offers the following Data Mailbox Connector versions:

  • Data Mailbox Connector for e-mail
  • Data Mailbox Connector for MS SharePoint
  • Data Mailbox Connector for Record Management Systems
  • Data Mailbox Connector for DMS and ECM
  • Data Mailbox Connector for SAP and other ERP