Management of user accounts and their permissions is crucial for information security in every organization. Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most popular collaboration and information sharing platforms. Access rights management is complex and often time consuming especially in organizations where this system is accessed by hundreds of users – internal employees, external workers, business partners or customers. Moreover, the technical limitations of SharePoint in the area of rights management can result in an immense number of security groups which then become the nightmare for the organization.

IXTENT offers a solution for centralized user groups and accounts management which provides simple and fast control over the access rights and authorizations to SharePoint information based on the current organizational structure.
The solution uses standard SharePoint functionalities and extends the security groups system by the possibility to define an unlimited number of tree hierarchies that are automatically synchronized across site collections.

The solution enables:

  • Graphical representation of user groups according to the organizational structure – Transferring the current organizational structure maintained for example in SAP HR module or in another HR system into MS SharePoint environment and its display in a clear tree structure.
  • Simple permission management – Authorizations and access rights for groups or individual members of the organizational structure can be simply and transparently assigned using a web form. The form also enables overall display of the defined authorizations.
  • Automatic updating of the authorizations – Centralized management enables synchronizing the defined organizational structure for individual site collections across the farm. Access to the web pages is then automatically updated on the groundwork of valid organizational structure and predefined rules.
  • Increased efficiency of business users – A simple web interface dramatically reduces the number of tasks that the business user has to perform in order to achieve the required authorizations setup, thus increasing the work efficiency.