Want to ensure efficient digitization and extraction of data with links to SAP, document management, workflow management or electronic archiving of the SAP system? Are you looking for an experienced partner?

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Centralized Data and Documents Archiving, Document Management System Project for SIPO

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We offer you

  • Focus on enterprise content management

  • Knowledge and experience with the implementation of robust ECM / DMS systems

  • Supply of proven and functional technologies

  • 24/7 local support and service

Jakub Humpolec

Technical Director

Focus. We are narrowly focussed on the DMS area and don’t waste time implementing other solutions. Our competitors will send their consultants to work on other projects when there’s no DMS work to do and they end up losing their competence. Our people focus solely on DMSes and our customers appreciate that.

Main advantages and functions of the SAP solution

We implement specialized solutions for the SAP system, which will upgrade the system to include document digitization, electronic document management and subsequent archiving. Most components of the solution are directly intended for integration with SAP = they are mostly SAP add-ons or extensions of the basic SAP modules. We have successfully implemented hundreds of projects with links to SAP and, as part of your implementation, we will use our experience from systems of the same scope in terms of the number of users, documents or the complexity of the agenda. We won’t use your organization as a guinea pig. If necessary, we can program the missing integration bridges to other systems and processes.


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