After the covid-19 pandemic, IXTENT is again starting to organize and participate in meetings outside the online world. IXTENT will be involved in two exciting events in the autumn. The first will be the OpenText Summit in Poland, for which it has been granted a platinum sponsor level. The second will be the traditional seminar at the Embassy of Canada in Prague.

The OpenText Summit will take place on 19 October in Warsaw. The main topics of this conference include the following:

  • Digital transformation and how it can accelerate business processes,
  • information management and its benefits for the market,
  • digital services and how they can help create loyal customers,
  • supply chain optimisation and how it can reduce the cost of business operations,
  • e-invoicing and KSeF integration and how to change duty into a business advantage,
  • Cloud content management and how it enables organisations to master modern work.

IXTENT will also be presenting at the conference, giving it the opportunity to introduce its services and reach out to potential new customers.

The next event mentioned above, a seminar at the Embassy of Canada, will take place on 8 November in Prague. As in previous years, the event will be held with the participation of the Embassy and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. As in the past, you can look forward to quality speakers and current topics from the world of IT. Detailed program to be announced.