OpenText has completed the acquisition of Micro Focus, a major provider of software technology and services. The acquisition is intended to broaden the spectrum of offered services, with Micro Focus products helping to accelerate the digital transformation process while reducing the overall costs.

OpenText’s acquisition of Micro Focus gives rise to one of the largest software and cloud companies in the field of digital transformation.

OpenText announced the intended acquisition on 25 August 2022. Its completion is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

Benefits of the acquisition:

  • The companies will increase their reach by offering more comprehensive and extensive services.
  • The digital transformation process can be more efficient thanks to the synergies of both SW producers.
  • OpenText will benefit from the extension of its client base and access to such clients with the ability to “upsell” its traditional products. 
  • Micro Focus will benefit from OpenText’s private and public clouds.

More details are available here.