In May, we released a new version of our product IXTENT ISDS Connector 4.9. This is a new version of the old connector series, in which changes were made for a customer – the Schenker company – that did not yet want to switch to the newer release 5. We have prepared a new version of the connector based on these changes.

The new version brings a modified Saperion provider and includes several infrastructure fixes and updates.

Main changes:

  • Saperion provider updated to work with Saperion version EP6.
  • All logic and configuration settings related to SharePoint have been removed from the Saperion provider.
  • ISDS services upgraded to version 2.36.
  • Correction of incorrect processing of EV10 and higher delivery notes.
  • The issue of failing non-anonymous authentication to the SMTP server has been fixed.
  • The issue of Web Administration logging into the wrong directory has been fixed.

Impact on customers

This version was implemented and funded specifically by Schenker. It is the only company using the Saperion provider and needed the upgrade in conjunction with an upgrade of its Saperion environment. However, several bugs have been fixed as part of the implementation, which may make upgrading to this version interesting for all our customers.