We have released a new version of the product for data mailboxes – IXTENT ISDS Connector – 4.6. This version brings, among other things, support for paid data messages, a new dropbox for MS SQL Server, and many bugfixes from previous hotfix releases. Version 4.4 is thus no longer supported. If you are a customer with an unsupported version of the ISDS Connector, you need to contact us and upgrade to a supported version.

What’s new in version 4.6?

  • Added support for paid data messages (PDZ).
  • Added MS SQL dropbox for sending data messages.
  • Added TLS 1.2 native support for connection to ISDS services.
  • Added support for SSL connection to SMTP servers for sending notifications.
  • MS SQL provider configuration options extended to include specification of database procedures for processing of messages, attachments, ZFOs, and delivery confirmations.

Bug fixes:

  • Sent messages, which could not be delivered, are now ignored during download.
  • Fixes of connector components that ensure smooth simultaneous running of multiple instances.
  • Fixes in SharePoint2 provider, which no longer requires mandatory specification of folders and correctly supports Czech diacritics in folders. Additionally, the issue with messages upload to the SharePoint root web has been fixed. When the DropBox configuration is missing, the update of the DropBox items is now skipped.
  • Fix in the SharePoint Dropbox that fixes loading of attachments from SharePoint Online.
  • Problem with configuration loading in SQL provider has been fixed.
  • Problem with sending e-mails to multiple recipients in Email provider has been fixed.
  • Fixed problem in web administration, when a report about successful backup completion was audited despite of backup error.

ISDS Connector – leaflet

Release Notes – full version