At the beginning of February, a long and carefully prepared upgrade of the production Archive Server at the global pharmaceuticals company in Switzerland took place.

The word “upgrade” probably doesn’t conjure up anything super complicated, but believe me, if you try it in a “Pharma” environment, it will take on a whole new and much wilder meaning for you. Every detail needs to be properly documented, scanned, and signed. Everything has its own system and order. As they say, everything has to work like a Swiss watch.

Nevertheless, thanks to our colleague Zdeněk Bohdanecký everything went well. He did all the steps according to the plan and with a great degree of independence and ability to improvise.

For this reason, our cooperation with IseoLabsAG went a long way in creating the kind of trust necessary to organize and work on technical, multi-phase projects like this one. IseoLabs team has been in charge for project management, computer system validation, and testing to ensure technical quality, while IXTENT team was responsible for technical implementation. Appreciate every participant for engaging and bringing their expertise and experience.