Conseq Investment Management, a.s. is an important and loyal customer of IXTENT. A number of projects have been implemented throughout the long-term co-operation leading to more efficient processing of documents and information contained therein. One of the latest major projects consisted in migration from Oracle database to MSSQL and upgrade of Content Server.

The Customer

Conseq is an investment manager with 23 years of experience on the Czech market. Apart from managing assets of institutional portfolios, Conseq has also managed and administered investment funds for 16 years, it also provides other services to minor and institutional investors. Conseq has a significant market share in the said fields and has already gained the trust of more than 350,000 customers. With an amount of managed assets exceeding CZK 50 billion (pursuant to data of the Czech Capital Market Association), the Conseq group is the largest independent investment manager in the Czech Republic.

Initial situation

With regard to increased requirements of the legislation and increased amount of administered data, Conseq faced an issue of modernisation of its software solution. At that time, the company was processing documents in External File Storage based on Oracle technical database. This system was acquired along with Aegon Pension Insurance Company.

The Conseq management asked IXTENT, a sole partner of OpenText on the Czech market at the GOLD level, for an advice in terms of safe and modern data storage system satisfying the most demanding requirements of the current legislation and, at the same time, representing the most economically advantageous solution for a company of such a size.

The Solution

The solution for Conseq entailed a multi-phase project which took place from 2014 to 2016.

The transfer of the clients’ documentation into a new environment commenced in 2014 by migration from Oracle system to Microsoft (MSSQL) database; subsequently, Content Server was upgraded to the newer 10.0. version.

Within the second phase, i.e. in 2015 and 2016, an upgrade of Content Server to the newest available system version – 10.5 – and connection of the archive server took place, gradually replacing EFS (External File Storage) used up to now.

Advantages of archive server compared to EFS:

  • An archive server enables to save data on a certified storage site regulated by a shredding plan, which enables to save documents in compliance with the legislation. Each document might bear its time lock, i.e. a term for which the document cannot be deleted.
  • An archive server enables to put a time lock on sets of documents and thus prove their constancy and existence in time.
  • An archive server enables to save data in compressed and encrypted form in order to prevent their misuse if the storage site is accessed outside of the application interface.
  • An archive server is prepared to merge data into virtual ISO images; saving storage space and accelerating backup.
  • An archive server shields the application from the specific storage site, which means that it is possible to migrate the saved documents smoothly between different storage sites of different supported producers.
  • An archive server enables to reproduce data and save it in storage sites located in backup locations without the respective storage sites contractors having any special licence.
  • An archive server saves duplicated data only in one copy.


IXTENT performed a successful migration of Conseq’s database server from Oracle to MSSQL. Subsequently, two seamless upgrades of Content Server to the newest product version and connecting of an archive server took place. The Customer is partly able to develop the system according to its needs, where IXTENT provides support in performing more difficult changes and continues to ensure application and software maintenance. There is no longer a necessity to use the Oracle technology once the new technical solution was implemented. Thanks to the new software system, Conseq has operated more efficiently, which results in higher quality of the services provided to its clients.