IXTENT Project Office

Don’t become overwhelmed with piles of paper, run your projects in a more standardized, automated and effective way than ever before!

Why repeatedly create something that the system can do for us automatically?
Why not have an up-to-date overview of the status of your project?

Save on time, money and the space required for a paper archive …
Work in accordance with standardized project phases …

With our solution you obtain:

  • Tools for standardizing the progress of projects;
  • Automated project management and organization
  • Effective project management,
  • Preset project folders and document templates
  • Document commenting, versioning,
  • Workflow settings
  • On-line project approval,
  • Archiving of solved tasks/unnecessary documents,
  • Setting permissions, roles, authorizations, auto-classification of documents,
  • Effective teamwork on projects in real-time
  • A tool for the creation of project knowledge bases.

IXTENT PROJECT OFFICE is an affordable, reliable and scalable solution based on Microsoft SharePoint, which is suitable for any type of organization.

Project Office is a solution developed by IXTENT as a universal SharePoint solution (deployable in any SharePoint environment). This solution allows customizable project creation and management. Each project is represented by a SharePoint website in the website collection. It is an out-of-the-box solution, which is easily scalable/customizable to its user through XML.

The most powerful feature of Project Office is its ability to set up new projects based on highly configurable project templates. A project template is an XML file that contains project settings and can contain many other artifacts (predefined “folder” structures according to project methodology or internal guidelines, and even templates such as checklists, forms, or standardized documents).

Who does our solution help?
A Swiss family-run company with a long tradition in construction IXTENT implemented an automated project administration and management system for its client in the construction industry. The solution is used by 50 departments of the company, each department has its own website, each of which can have x sub-websites according to the number of projects. The main page of the project website lists all of the sub-websites and their statuses.

What does it look like in practice?
When creating another project, the project manager simply clicks on the parameters, i.e. he/she selects a project template (according to the purpose of the collaborate/knowledge website), selects the language version, the appearance of SharePoint, sets the user permission levels, templates for the type of documents, classifies the attributes … and the project can begin. The system oversees the standardized project processes, so no phase can be omitted.

With Project Office, your organization has full control of its processes.

The solution for our client in the construction industry consists of several collections of websites containing standard websites and artifacts of the SharePoint service, and the IXTENT Project Office add-on solution.
The collection of root websites serves as the presentation layer for the whole SharePoint solution, and is the main entry point for each user. In addition, there are specialized collections of websites, which are part of the collaboration layer and provide users with space to create, collaborate or search for information. For each division and department of the company there is a collection of websites,  which provides further sub-websites through templates.

Demonstration of the system …

Validation and switching of the project phase
Report on the successful creation of a project

Our competencies:
IXTENT has a long-term competence in SharePoint implementation, it has several tens of satisfied customers on the SharePoint platform across Europe (local references on request). The Microsoft platform, along with the OpenText solution, is a narrow specialization of IXTENT.

Currently, IXTENT is a Microsoft Silver Partner with the following five competencies:

  • Application Development
  • Application Integration
  • Collaboration and Content
  • Datacenter
  • Messaging

Partner competence is a matter of prestige and a guarantee for our customers that the company has a sufficient number of qualified employees.

For more information on IXTENT Project Office, contact us at sales@ixtent.com or call +420 222 363 653.