IXTENT has announced successful completion of a document management system (DMS) implementation project at leading alternative electricity and gas supplier in the Czech Republic – Bohemia Energy company.

The initial phase focused on detailed analysis of the current state of documents processing. This analysis resulted in recommendation and selection of document types to be preferentially covered by the installed OpenText Content Suite platform provided by the global leader in non-structured business information management technology (Enterprise Information Management).

The aim of the DMS solution implementation was to fully eliminate work with paper documents and achieve transition to fully electronic office. “This aim has been achieved successfully. The document management system enables quick retrieval of complete sets of electronic documents and all related information based on access rights of each particular user. Moreover, it completely covers the business process across the entire organization and last, but not least, ensures permanent and secure documents archiving in an electronic repository,” says Roman Knapp, Sales & Marketing Manager at IXTENT.

Bohemia Energy can thus significantly increase its operations despite of its growing market share. This will enable the company to offer even more advantageous prices and state-of-the-art care to its customers.

BOHEMIA ENERGY entity s.r.o.

Bohemia Energy entered the Czech market in 2005. It was the first alternative utility supplier to offer electricity for households in 2006, gas was added two years later. Today, the company is the largest alternative utility supplier in the Czech Republic in households and SME segment.

Bohemia Energy together with its affiliates Comfort Energy and Slovakia Energy forms the Bohemia Energy Group. With more than 720,000 customers and annual turnover of CZK 10.9 bn in 2014, it represents the largest group of alternative utility suppliers in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

See more at: www.bohemiaenergy.cz