IXTENT announced today successful completion of customer folders electronic archive implementation for Intrum Justitia, s.r.o. Solution, whose deployment into productive operation is planned for the near future, is built using the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform, scanning application Kofax Express and product IXTENT ISDS Connector for integration with the Data Boxes Information System (ISDS).

Customer documents are together with all relevant communication archived in predefined structure of libraries and directories, from which it is possible to perform reverse batch export of selected directories to portable media in case there is a need to provide documents related to specific cases to external authorities (eg. court). Given the requirement to protect confidential information contained in documents, the solution has sophisticated access rights setting features. In productive operation the system should primarily help to support more efficient and reliable administrative processing within the Intrum Justitia’s increasing number of business cases.

For more information please contact:

Roman Knapp
Sales Manager
+420 739 002 530

Intrum Justitia, s.r.o.

Intrum Justitia is Europe’s leading company in the field of Credit Management Services. We are present in the Czech Republic since 1996 and therefore we have many years of experience, backgrounds of high quality call center with trained negotiators, legal support, but also the most modern technical equipment and financial backing. Our results also improves functional network of regional co-workers, which effectively ensures personal contact with debtors. Extensive range of services enables the Intrum Justitia company to support its clients throughout the entire process, starting by examining the debtor, invoice issuance and ending with payment, all with the goal of significant improvement in cash flow and profitability of the client. Intrum Justitia now provides services to more than 90,000 clients worldwide. We are a catalyst for recovery. We are here to facilitate business with the aim of contributing to the creation of a functional economy where business will be transparent, safe and fair. For more information, visit the company website www.intrum.cz

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