About GECO

GECO is the largest distributor and seller of tobacco and lottery products in the Czech Republic. Since 1991, it has supplied cigarettes, tobacco, smoking accessories and lottery tickets throughout the country. It has also successfully established itself in Slovakia and Germany.

Cooperation between IXTENT and GECO

IXTENT has recently implemented a complete HR agenda for GECO, which includes a Document Management System for HR scenarios, SAP HR integration, file management, contract management, biometric document signing … This innovative solution has replaced the old Elanor system where HR staff print all of the documents, physically sign them, then scan and save them to disk without any security or integration.

The current project

Another planned project began in March 2019 – an upgrade of the archive server. IXTENT recommended a software update due to the product support being ended by the manufacturer (the Canadian company OpenText, the world leader in electronic document management systems according to an analysis by Forrester). The project was successfully completed in June, with GECO is now using the new 16.2 series instead of the obsolete version 10.5. Currently, the roll-out of the DMS system and biometric signing of documents to another country are underway. After successful implementation in the Czech Republic, GECO asked IXTENT to extend the same solution to Slovakia. This project definitely does not end cooperation between GECO and IXTENT, in the future it is planned to upgrade Content Server to version 16.8.