IXTENT, a leading suppler of IT solutions for document administration, content management and archiving in central and eastern Europe, has added Open Text solutions for optimal contract management – Contract Lifecycle Management – to its line-up of ECM solutions.

Contract Lifecycle Management solutions cover the entire lifecycle of a contract, from creation through fulfilment and modification to termination. It is part of the complex family of ECM solutions from the Canadian corporation Open Text, which serves over 20 million users in 114 countries. Contract Lifecycle Management encompasses the basics of a document management system and takes advantage of the assets of other solutions, with emphasis on transparent creation and follow-up of contracts. Its functionality includes a centralized repository, file management and virtual folders for dynamic access, document automation, workflow, archiving document revisions, the possibility to create contract teams including assigning roles with authorizations, support for systems integration with MS Windows/Office environments and various business ERP systems, searches based on metadata, XML and natural language queries. The solution’s strength is in its multidimensional, dynamic access to contracts with flexible configurable views (by contract partners, status, region, etc.) and reporting, for example, the ability to make timely decisions by analyzing a monitored contract throughout its lifecycle (contract volume, deadlines, etc.).

The solution is ideal for firms working with large numbers of contracts, such as companies focused on sales, real estate, banking and insurance, legal services, auditors, tax advisors, law firms, public administration agencies, distribution companies and specialized departments of large corporations – finance, purchasing.

Further information about IXTENT’s solutions and services can be found at www.ixtent.com or by contacting its PR agency:

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