From January 2007 Roman Knapp empowers the sales team of IXTENT as a new Account Manager. Roman Knapp is a graduate of Applied Informatics from the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics at the University of Economics in Prague. He has many years’ experience in business and management, mainly in his previous position as brand and account manager of LACOSTE Watches for the Czech Republic. In his free time he enjoys sport and travel. IXTENT s.r.o. IXTENT represents Enterprise Content Management technology in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Romania, and is one of the biggest suppliers of archiving systems, DMS and WCM technology on the markets in Central and Eastern Europe. It offers services for administration of electronic and ‘paper’ documents, their content (Document Management System – DMS, Content Management System – CMS, Business Process Management – BPM, Web Content Management – WCM, Email Management, etc.), technology for intelligent optical text recognition from paper copies and their digitalisation (OCR/ICR), archiving of data and documents via the internet and business information systems, consultation services connected with the introduction of these systems, and implementation of complex solution provisions.